TH-X ZFC KIT (TH-X video tripod with ZFC-L remote control)

TH-X ZFC KIT (TH-X video tripod with ZFC-L remote control)

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New TH-X, the new high-spec entry level tripod system!

The Libec TH-X is your next Smart Tripod Companion for all your photo/video/DSLR needs including home videos, documentaries, corporate assignments, weddings & events, nature, sports, interviews, and journalist newsgatherings.

Highlighted features:

  • Dual Head base Design (65mm ball/ flat base) for versatility
  • One-touch quick release slide plate for perfect Counterbalance
  • Lightweight for fast travel
  • Rigid tripod legs for enhanced stability
  • Compact when collapsing and storing
  • Quick Release Slide Camera Plate compatible with Sachtler and Manfrotto heads

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New ZFC-L Zoom and Focus Control for LANC* video cameras!

The New ZFC-L Zoom Focus Control is our most innovative remote control for LANC cameras yet! This sleek designed controller features an Invert Switch that allows users to change the zoom direction when the control unit is attached faced down in an underslung position.

Thanks to a new Double-Sided zoom Rocker design, when underslung users gain the ability to zoom with their fingers, not just their thumb. Moreover, the ZFC-L offers users smooth zoom and speed movements by simply tilting the zoom Rocker.

In addition, the connection clamp can be attached to round pipes up to 45mm in diameter, wide enough to even fit the HFMP Monopod center grip. Equipped with a REC Start/Stop button and a 0.7m/2.3’ length cable, be sure to take this handy zoom focus control on all your shoots.

Highlighted features:

  • Invert Switch to change your zoom direction
  • Double-Sided Zoom Rocker design for underslung position
  • Zoom with your fingers, not just your thumb
  • Smooth zoom and speed movements
  • Can be attached to round pipes up to 45mm in diameter
  • Equipped with a REC button (Start/Stop)
  • 7m/ 2.3’ Cable Length

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